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Why you need to buy your seeds from us

You need to buy our seeds to get the biggest harvest you could ever imagine. A lot of seed production is now done in Spain, and there is so much pollen just blowing in the wind there that genetics there are so screwed up. It's impossible to work with any landraces there, they will be contaminated by all the pollen there. This causes a lot of problems for growers in cooler countries like Canada, Europe, Northern China, Europe, Russia and New Zealand. Even parts of Japan and North America cannot grow Spainish bred seeds because there is too much Sativa to flower in time before the frost hits. That's why the TH Seed Bank has the most sought after genetics for cooler countries.

Swizerland, USA, Australia, Denmark, Great Britain and Canada are our largest customers, and we have the highest repeat customer base in the world. That's because you'll have the best genetics to work with when you grow from our seeds and our customers love their return on investment. It's way more profitable to grow from our high quality cannabis seeds because you'll harvest more weight and better tasting clean high strains that people want to buy again and again and again.


Rare and exoctic cannabis strains

We are probably the most well travelled seed breeders in the world. When you create the world's most potent and flavorfull marijuana, it's not by luck. It's hard work hunting down native landraces from the most remote destinations on the planet.

The TH Seed Bank breeds some of the most exoctic cannabis strains in the world. We gathered seeds from the Middle East, South East Asia, Asia, Europe, Canada, Central America and South America to obtain the finest landrace sativa and indica's.

We offer our customers better terps, which in turn breed the most fantasticly tasting cannabis strains on the planet. If you like chocolate and strawberries, we have the strains just for you!


TH Seed Bank prides itself having the best stealth shipping in the world. we have perfected stealth shipping so that you will get your order without anyone knowing what is inside. Your privacy is our top priority.

Buy bleeding edge cannabis genetics

TH Seed Bank is a leader in bleeding edge cannabis genetic research and development. You can be assured you'll be growing the best plants buying seeds from our connections to the best marijuana breeders in the world. Try out our strongest and most potent strawberry cough strain. Otherwise you might prefer a more calming Capa and CBD Queen or the top medical CBD strain. We have over a hundred premium high quality strains to suit any needs you may have.