TH Seed Bank exports quality cannabis seeds that are high in THC content. We are cannabinoid mixology experts. We grow the best balanced THC, CBD and over 100 other cannabinoids to produce the best soaring high's from sativa, indica and hybrid cannabis strains

Cannabis Seeds Sell Out From 80% of Seed Banks Worldwide

There is a mad Green Rush for cannabis and their seeds. Globally, this year and last saw more countries legalizing recreational cannabis and medical marijuana than the past 60 years combined. And now, after half a century plus of prohibition, the world wants cannabis seeds and demand has shrunk supplies so low, 80% of the seed banks are sold out. We have enough supply projected for only the nest week, so if your serious about getting seeds, you better order today.

Global Stealth Shipping. 100% Guaranteed Delivery

Master of breeding cannabis and even more serious about your safety and the stealth delivery of your order. All seeds are triple checked and hand packaged using the most advanced stealth delivery methods available, always keeping two-steps ahead. Sot back and relax while your order arrives problem-free.